Islander is a music company based in Ireland, set up by Jonathan Pearson in 2017. It is a company that works with artists, projects and events in ambitious, forward-thinking ways.

Islander was set up to represent a modern music company - a small but ambitious vessel from which to launch artistic projects of many kinds throughout Ireland and abroad, as well as being a welcoming space to grow the careers of artists.

As a producer, Islander works with independent companies and artists to create new cultural happenings that enrich the artistic fabric of Irish life, and to grow Irish talents worldwide. As a management company, Islander works with each artist in different ways that suit both parties. It is a full service management house, as well as a consultancy and sometimes simply a soundboard for those seeking guidance. The artists here have their own labels, agencies and organisations that they are a part of, and Islander is there to assist them with all of that.

If you would like to chat about an upcoming project that Islander would be a good fit for, please get in touch.

Jonathan Pearson


Jonathan Pearson is an arts professional based in Ireland. He has worked with some of Europe’s biggest arts organisations, festivals and projects over recent years. He has toured throughout the UK, Europe and the US on numerous occasions with different acts, and has worked on some of the most ambitious music projects in Ireland over the past few years.

Aside from Islander, Jonathan is Concerts Manager of Crash Ensemble, which is Ireland's foremost contemporary new music group. He helps with Crash's extensive touring, recording and concert programme alongside CEO Neva Elliott and Artist Director Kate Ellis.

Jonathan is the Producer of New Music Dublin, Ireland’s contemporary music festival run by The National Concert Hall, The Arts Council of Ireland and the national broadcaster RTÉ.

Long-suffering Munster fan, short-suffering Man United fan, jumper enthusiast.

Photo by Blair Alexander Massie